Who We Are....


Using the power of worms, we turn waste into a valuable natural resource & community opportunities.

Founder, Vermiculturist

Myles Stubblefield (Veteran ret.)

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Jon Tarrant

Childhood best friends Myles & Jon have built Buffalo's first Urban Worm Farm. Born and raised the Buffalo-Niagara region, the two Buffalonians wanted to create something sustainable that can be shared for generations.

The business Buffalo Worm Works was created to encourage and influence their community (especially students) to be kind to the earth; and compost.

The process starts with waste from local membership services to include restaurants, breweries and residential homes. The food scraps, waste, cardboard boxes, and other compostable items are given to the worms to eat. The worm then product organic castings, commonly known as "black gold"

The high valued end product and the compost worms are then sold to market, gardeners, organic commercial grower, Schools and local plant shops.